About New York Homes

       New York Homes is a Boutique Real Estate Company that specializes in the sale of co-ops and condos and rentals in Manhattan. After working for several large firms Catherine decided to take a leap and open up her own company in 2008. Originally from Westchester County she moved into 'the city' after attending the University of Vermont and got a Master's Degree. She has a BA in Psychology and an MS in Teaching among other life long learning credits from UCLA business extension, real estate, and nutrition. She worked in Early Childhood as a Preschool Teacher, Director and Area Coordinator for 15 years and had many second jobs such as personal training, yoga instruction, and real estate agent.

     She remembers the days when she first moved into Manhattan. Her first apartment was on the Upper East Side which she shared with two roommates. Struggling to survive in Manhattan as a  Preschool Teacher she became obsessed with finding "no fee apartments" which lead her to meet several landlords. She learned the art of living in the tiny home, transforming small spaces, and organized living. While a teacher she got a real estate license and landed a second job as a part time real estate rookie.

    Eventually she transitioned into Real Estate full time doing rentals and ended up in the sales world a few years later. She loves looking at property and has extensive property knowledge. She has a passion for New York City and real estate and grateful for the people she has met along the way. Now after living and working in New York City for over 25 years she considers herself a Native New Yorker. She is an experienced broker and owning a business has taught her a wealth of knowledge. She has sold over 50 co-ops and condos and rented out hundreds of properties.